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Perhaps you have already tried a slice of buccellato, the traditional Lucchese fruit bread? It is poor man’s food, bread made with a few simple ingredients which have made it a symbol of good luck, and therefore very suitable for New Year celebrations…. read more>

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No Tuscan wine-tasting pilgrimage would be complete without a visit to the famous Brunello vineyards found in the Montalcino area. Unlike their younger sister vines in northern Tuscany around Lucca and Montecarlo, records showing the production of the red Brunello wines in Montalcino have been traced back to the 14th century… read more>

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It’s easy to be lazy about making cakes in Italy; the bars and pasticcerias always have a tantalizing selection on display, and the coffee bars are generally buzzing with locals having their morning espresso and brioche, or tourists treating themselves to a torta di frutta and cappuccino.

However, one of the culinary experts on our course,
A Taste of Tuscan Arts is medieval historian and creative cook, Ilaria Sabbatini, who loves baking cakes!
Her husband, professional photographer Marcantonio Lunardi made this video of
Ilaria’s Cake – her version of a torta Mantovana… read more>

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Tuscan Talent is introducing Heiko Vermeulen, Wild Food and Wine specialist, writing for the Tuscan Talent Food section:

Italy and even more so Tuscany conjure up many images in people's minds: high culture from Renaissance art to dramatic opera, historic sites dating back to the Romans and beyond, la dolce vita in a country with a benevolent climate where the inhabitants enjoy some of the best cuisine and wines in the more>

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The porcini season in Tuscany lasts from May to around November, so spotting a basket full of freshly picked Porcini in a local restaurant I decided to sample the menu. But first I asked restaurateur and expert Ilario from the
Del Sonno restaurant why, given all the different varieties of mushrooms to be found growing wild, Porcini have become over the years so popular and so highly sort after.The answer is simple… read more>

A beautiful stop in the "Strada Del Vino e Dell' Olio"

Relaxing in the shade on a sunny terrazza looking out onto a stunning natural landscape, taking in the peace and tranquility of the moment whilst sipping a delicious Vermentino – sheer paradise. I can’t think of a better way of spending a lazy summer’s (Italian that is!) afternoon...
read more>